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Welcome to gentle bodycare. The home of award-winning, pioneering and original hair and body care brands. Whatever you are looking for, no matter your skin type or hair type we have a selection of products that care, gently.  Choose from a variety of brands that all have Vegan hair products where possible.  Herbatint non Ammonia permanent herbal hair colours.  Naturalmente biodynamic and organic hair care. Suncoat water-based nail polishes and natural hair styling products. Golden Silk Oil, Camellia oil for use on skin, hair, face and nails for super natural moisturisation.

Featured products

thumbnail_29827_1477.jpg BalsamicMask - websmall.jpg HydratingMask - Copy.jpg
Herbatint Light Golden Blonde 8D, Permanent Haircolour with No Ammonia. NAT 055 NAT Elements Balsamic Mask - 250ml NAT120 NAT Elements Hydrating Mask - 250ml
Discounted price £6.30
(£6.30 inc tax)

Price: £15.20
(£15.20 inc tax)

Price: £15.20
(£15.20 inc tax)

Golden Silk Oil with box on white 72dpi Skins Matter logo web small.jpg darksilk134987964850758760b6f9d.jpg SUNCOATGIRL-SALON-KIT-Little-Valentine-300x420.jpg
GOLDEN SILK OIL - 100% Camellia Oil- 30ml (V) - Free From Skins Matter Award Winner *New* Dark Silk Handy Hair Wash - 5 x 20g sachets (100gr) SuncoatGirl Little Valentine Nail Salon Kit
Price: £12.99
(£12.99 inc tax)

Price: £3.98
(£3.98 inc tax)

Price: £9.00
(£9.00 inc tax)

TRIO KIT-PRETTY MEwebsmall.jpg Peelable new cap - Pink Dehilawebsmall.jpg Citrus Shampoo 170x1701418395600548affd0dc688.jpg
Pretty Me TRIO Nail Kit Suncoat Polish and Peel PINK DAHLIA - 11ml Naturalmente Citrus Shampoo 250ml
Price: £12.00
(£12.00 inc tax)

Price: £4.99
(£4.99 inc tax)

Price: £15.20
(£15.20 inc tax)

Fruit Acids Conditioner 170x1701418395859548b00d39599a.jpg Shampoo Aria 250 ml small.jpg ARTW_6C_CIOCCA - Cropped.jpg
Naturalmente Conditioner with Fruit Acids - 250ml NAT 052 NAT Elements Air (Aria) Shampoo - 250ml Herbatint 6C DarkAsh Blonde150ml (V) Permanent hair colour with No Ammonia
Price: £15.20
(£15.20 inc tax)

Price: £15.20
(£15.20 inc tax)

Price: £9.50
(£9.50 inc tax)

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